Saturday, March 2, 2013

8 Healer Sick Pets

Having a pet at home may be at risk of allergy. However, according to experts, keep animals at home can give positive effect: to help cure the disease.

Not just dogs and cats, a number of animals such as rabbits, pigs, snakes are also beneficial improve human health. Some of them help scientists develop new treatments for serious diseases including diabetes, dementia and Parkinson's.

Dr Samantha Wright, a psychologist who studies the relationship between humans and pets, said nothing is impossible to obtain the potential benefits of animal.

"The idea that pets and good health tied back in a few decades. There are many species that can help develop new treatments for all kinds of diseases, "Samantha said as quoted from the pages of The Sun.

Here are some top animal in the world that could help people cure some diseases, as revealed by Lynsey Haywood:

1. Dogs can sniff out cancer
Quadruped can not only be friends, they can also detect early stages of cancer through the sense of smell.

In a study in Japan, Labrador given breath and stool samples to sniff, and it turns out they were able to identify the presence of colorectal cancer from patients. Scientists believe that the smell of the tumor can be detected by a dog's sense of smell.

Dr Hideto Sonoda said the present research is needed to develop an 'electronic dog nose' as detection of cancer. "Chemical compounds of smell is not clear. Only the dog knows the answer. "

2. Rabbits can cervical cancer detection
Detecting cervical cancer using the rabbit was developed after two British scientists discovered the virus that triggers the disease in rabbits during the 1960's. As a result, a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer.

This vaccine became available in 2006 after 70 years of animal research done. The UK government already offers this vaccine injections for women aged 12 to 13 years to prevent further spread of the disease that kills nearly 1,000 women a year in Britain.

3. Cats can prevent the risk of stroke
People who have cats, 40 percent less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack, according to a study at the University of Minnesota in the U.S..

Researcher Dr Adnan Qureshi said, petting cats moggies could actually reduce the stress and anxiety of their owners, enabling them to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. "This opens up new avenues for treatment, and unlike drugs or surgery, cat ownership seemed to have no risk."

4. Rabbits and hamsters cure asthma
Children who grow up with pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters may develop asthma or allergies, according to the scientists.

But U.S. researchers studied a group of children in New York and found that growth in a less sterile sometimes it can improve their health.

Researcher Matt Perzanowski says, "Exposure to certain bacteria may provide opportunities for children to build up an immunity."

5. Snakes can reverse high blood pressure
People who are bitten by venomous snakes can not realize their blood pressure dropped. Inspired by snake venom work, the scientists developed a synthetic version of a chemical poison made from the Brazilian pit viper venom.

Known as ACE inhibitors, they have helped millions of people to lower blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease. Snake venoms contain up to 100 different substances, so it can be used to treat a variety of diseases.

6. Dolphins cure diabetes
The dolphins could help humans heal diabetes. The scientists found that mammals are resistant to insulin, such as some diabetics.

But the privilege of dolphins studied by the National Foundation for the U.S. Marines. Mammals were able to switch to take the fight against the deadly disease.

They can do this when they eat, allowing them to overcome the high protein, and one fish that can do a low carb diet.

7. Fish can cure dementia
Parents who eat fish or seafood once a week at lower risk of developing dementia, according to a French study.

Scientists say the fatty acids in fish oil help reduce inflammation in the brain and plays a role in the regeneration of nerve cells. Fish can also help lower blood pressure.

Numerous studies have found that watching fish swim in an aquarium can also bring a sense of calm and reduce anxiety.

8. Pigs can reverse parkinson
A U.S. study found that pig cells transplanted into brain cells could help people with Parkinson's disease regain mobility.

Cells taken from pigs unborn fetus or developing. The goal is that after they moved into the human brain, they will be developed into human cells to produce dopamine, such as brain function. Dr. Curt Freed of the University of Colorado, said, "It is a remarkable development."